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Sugar Apples Artisan Bar Soap 5oz-


Each curated small batch of bar soap is handmade from scratch and some of the amazing and organic ingredients  includes goats milk, coconut milk, buttermilk, organic heavy cream, honey, vitamin c, tussah silk and hydrolized silk to make the most luxury feeling on your skin..


Pucker up to the tart, juicy, delicious aroma of crisp sugared apples! Not your everyday apple scent, this fragrance takes the peely freshness of just-picked apple and adds a dash of mouthwatering goodness! Imagine the juiciness of ripe apples brought to their fullest bouquet of sweetness by being lightly baked to tart perfection! Now add a lip-smacking dash of baking vanilla, a sprinkling of fine confectioner's sugar and a hint of sweet musk, and you've got the recipe for a superbly tasty treat! The decadence of vanilla sugar and the fresh tartness of authentic apple make this an unforgettable aroma!

Sugar Apples

  • Handmade from scrath my body soap ingreidents include distilled water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, cocoa butter coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lardate, olive oil, tallow, avacado oil, caster oil, sodium lacatate, tussah silk, goats milk powder, coconut milk powder, kaolin clay, collodial oatmeal, mica, fragrance oil... 

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