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About Us

My Story

Hi and thanks for visiting. My name is Amanda Rose, and my love of artistry derived from making craft items with my mom as a little girl. Those experiences (years later) lead to being a creative professional makeup artist for nearly a decade.

After seeking opportunities to expand my skills as an artisan, I began making candles which lead to other handcrafted items. After a year of sharing my body products and candles with family and friends, I was encourage to start a business to offer my unique talents and products to the public.

Amanda Rose's Artistry combines my love and gift of creativity with Makeup, Soaps, Body Products and Candles. My goals are to share my gifts with you while providing exceptional shopping and customer service experiences. 

We are a small business and strive to improve your online customer experience. 

Please contact us if you have any ideas for improvements, new products, or words of encouragement.

We hope that you enjoy the offerings, and we appreciate your business... 

Thanks again and come back soon...

Amanda Rose

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